Spitting Spider (Scytodes) Laura, Austin TX EyesSpitting Spider--Austin, TX, pg 3: Four of this spider's six eyes are shown in the image at right. These include the median diad containing both posterior median eyes (PME, in the lower middle of image) that face forward, and the right lateral diad containing the anterior and posterior lateral eyes (ALE and PLE) that face to the right side of the spider's pars cepahalica.  The left lateral diad, containing the anterior and posteral lateral eyes, is obscured by one of the spider's legs in the lower right portion of the image. As mentioned on page 2, this eye arrangement is almost identical to that of the Sicariidae family which, in North America, contains the single genus Loxosceles (brown spiders, including the brown recluse). They are distinguished from the Sicariidae by having a markedly convex cephalothorax. The Sicariidae, by contrast, have a relatively flat cephalothorax  ----- NEXT PAGE ----- PAGE MENU: 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 *----- * TERMITE ENCOUNTERS  *  SNAKE ENCOUNTERS SNAKE BITE FIRST AID * SNAKE EXCLUSION * SPIDER ENCOUNTERS FOR 2008 SPIDER ENCOUNTERS FOR 2007 * SPIDER BITE FIRST AID * SPIDER EXTERMINATION * PUSS CATERPILLAR ENCOUNTERS * PUSS CATERPILLAR FIRST AID * PUSS CATERPILLAR EXTERMINATIONAssembled & Edited by Jerry Cates . Questions? Corrections? Comments? BUG ME RIGHT NOW! ---- Ph: 512-331-1111 ---- E-Mail ---- Privacy ----BugsInTheNews * --0a0s--