Spitting Spider (Scytodes) Laura, Austin TX 121308 Dorsolateral Pars CephalicaSpitting Spider--Austin, TX, pg 2: Besides the unusual method these spiders employ to capture prey, they are unusual in other ways as well. For example, though most spiders have eight eyes, those in the family Sytodidae have but six (AME absent), and their six eyes are arranged in three diads, or pairs, so that one pair (the PME) faces forward, while the other pairs (ALE and PLE occupying a single diad) face to their respective sides. This eye arrangement is almost identical to that of the Sicariidae family which, in North America, contains the single genus Loxosceles (brown spiders, including the brown recluse). In the photo at right, the eyes of Laura's specimen have a greenish cast, and are surrounded by a dark mask ----- NEXT PAGE ----- PAGE MENU: 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 *----- * TERMITE ENCOUNTERS  *  SNAKE ENCOUNTERS SNAKE BITE FIRST AID * SNAKE EXCLUSION * SPIDER ENCOUNTERS FOR 2008 SPIDER ENCOUNTERS FOR 2007 * SPIDER BITE FIRST AID * SPIDER EXTERMINATION * PUSS CATERPILLAR ENCOUNTERS * PUSS CATERPILLAR FIRST AID * PUSS CATERPILLAR EXTERMINATIONAssembled & Edited by Jerry Cates . Questions? Corrections? Comments? BUG ME RIGHT NOW! ---- Ph: 512-331-1111 ---- E-Mail ---- Privacy ----BugsInTheNews * --0a0s--