Green Lynx (Peucetia) Tom S, Austin TX 120408 SpinneretsGreen Lynx Spider--Tom S., Austin, TX pg 3: This image shows the spider's spinnerets at the apical posterior of the ventral abdomen. The spinnerets in the foreground, nearest the ventral abdomen, are anterior lateral spinnerets (ALS); the pair in background are posterior lateral spinnerets (PLS); the middle pair are posterior median spinnerets (PMS). The PMS of most labidognaths are usually hidden. The female spins dragline silk that is loosely strewn about its lair. Also, like the salticids, many oxyopids--especially lynx spiders in the genus Peucetia--are stalkers & pouncers, leaping great distances to capture a stalked prey. Some authorities assert that, unlike the salticids, which are aggressive biters that often spring onto a nearby human to bite without provocation, the lynx spiders tend to bite only if forced. However, I receive reports from gardeners who say they have to be watchful around the lynx spiders in their gardens to avoid bites. Fortunately, their bites are like those of the salticids-- though painful at first, producing an irritated wound that takes several days to resolve, their bites are of no lasting medical importance---- NEXT PAGE ------PAGE MENU:  1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 ----- SNAKE ENCOUNTERS * SPIDER ENCOUNTERS SPIDER BITE FIRST AID * SPIDER EXTERMINATION * Created & edited by Jerry Cates: Questions? Corrections? Comments? BUG ME RIGHT NOW! ---- Ph: 512-331-1111 ---- E-Mail ---- Privacy ---- BugsInTheNews